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My first love is painting, but I have always been fascinated with the technical aspect of art and find making my images on the computer and with the camera very rewarding. Working on the computer allows for spontaneity and experimentation not possible with oil paint. My digital prints are created entirely in Adobe Illustrator and printed on a large format printer on Hahnemühle paper. Believing that artists see the world in a way different from others, I try to capture my vision through the lens of my camera. These images are altered in Photoshop as one would alter images in a darkroom. I do not want to distort the image.

Working in a series allows me to focus on a concentrated assemblage of similar ideas and/or restrictions. I do not consciously set out to start or end a series; it just happens. Each series has a life of its own. Ideas spark from things I see on my travels or events in my life. I might be made aware of new patterns, colors, symbols and light or I might try to express visually ideas for which I have no words. In the studio, these notions present themselves in ways that I do not always expect.

The essence or core of my work evolves from a dialogue between the drawn form and color. This conversation continues between the spontaneous gesture and the calculated mark, the biomorphic and the geometric shapes, finally coalescing into a complex internal space. The work is like our universe, expanding and contracting, altering its form, yet remaining true to its original intent. The layering of color, both opaque and transparent, can be likened to the layers of consciousness or the veils of reality. There is a spiritual state in which dualistic elements, such as vertical-horizontal, dark-light, warm-cool and positive-negative can play out their parts. Although these forces are seemingly contradictory, as in the symbol of the yin/yang, they function in a complementary fashion to create a union of opposites that harmonize in perfect equilibrium. I believe in endowing my work with a spiritual quality that transcends stylistic trends, adhering to the truth of my inner process.

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